Combining Coaching with Therapy

Around 40% of Relationship Hero clients also use therapy. And clients find both services valuable in their own way.

Compared to counselors or therapists, relationship coaches focus more on helping you achieve your goals with tactical step-by-step guidance. Here are a few situations our coaches can help you with:

Our coaches have earned the Relationship Hero Professional Coach Certification, our own exclusive program that includes training, supervised coaching and detailed exams. For more info on the professional counseling and coaching industry, see our Counseling and Coaching Careers Guide.

If you're seeking help for mental health issues like depression, anxiety or PTSD, it's best to seek out a mental health care professional.

For Providers

If you're a mental health care provider, your clients may benefit from our dating coaching service:

Here's the type of help you can expect referrals to receive:

If you'd like any more information about Relationship Hero, please contact us here.

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