Relationship Hero Code of Ethics
Relationship Hero's Code of Ethics is our set of rules about how coaches must conduct themselves with clients.

The Code of Ethics

Treat clients with respect.
Always have the client's best interest in mind. Work toward the client's preferred goals. Meet the client where they're at, and make sure not to make them feel pressured to follow your coaching.
Maintain objectivity. Only offer predictions and conclusions that are grounded in facts, logic and scientific principles.
Only provide coaching for adults 18 years of age or older.
Maintain a professional working relationship with clients. Don’t pursue any other relationship type with clients as long as you’re employed by Relationship Hero.
Maintain strictest confidentiality for both coaches and clients. Provide services without requesting that clients share personally identifiable information. Keep client information 100% confidential.
Provide coaching honestly and in good faith. Do not use manipulation or deception when coaching clients. Do not coach clients on how to manipulate or deceive others.
Discontinue coaching clients in a dangerous situation and provide appropriate resources to ensure safety. Some examples are: Client is in physical/imminent danger, Client is in an abusive relationship and in cohabitation with their abuser or abuse victim, Client attempted suicide within a certain period of time, Client engaged in self harm within a certain period of time. More info here.
Don't coach areas that require a specialized certification: Financial advice, legal advice on divorce or custody of children, mental health issues, physical illnesses, etc.

Ethics vs. Morals

There may be client situations that are not in conflict with the Code of Ethics but don't align with a coach's personal moral framework, i.e. what the coach personally feels is "right" and "wrong". In these cases, clients are still eligible for coaching from another coach. For example, if it's against a coach's morals to help a client who is seeking a polyamorous relationship, then another coach can be better matched with the client's goals.
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