Boundaries For What We Can & Can't Coach

How we make sure that the coaching we offer is the best fit for your needs

This guide explains how we make sure that the coaching we offer are the best fit for your needs.

Our intake questionnaire tries to identify situations outside the scope of our coaching. The questions that touch on things like physical altercations, unfair treatment, and whether these incidents occurred during the course of the relationship you're seeking coaching for.

While our coaches are trained and certified to assist with the majority of relationship circumstances and related issues, there are areas that may require more specialized professionals. We can guarantee that all of our coaches receive adequate and applicable training and information to equip them to handle most concerns successfully, and without risk of liability.

Which situations fall outside Relationship Hero’s scope?

The following situations are outside of our scope:

  • Any Relationship containing Violence or Potentially Violent Actions

  • Verbal or Emotional Aggression/Abuse

  • Emotional Violence/Pattern of Manipulation and Control

  • Legal Issues- active court cases, police involvement or protective orders, etc.

  • Illegal Actions (based on laws in client’s country or USA)

  • Physical Danger (for anyone, including dependents)

  • Self Injury/Suicidal Ideation of client or client's partner/ex

  • Underage (any parties involved)

  • Under the Influence during time of coaching

  • Financial Control/Manipulation

  • Menacing/Stalking

  • Harassment

  • Sexual Assault

  • Medical Advice (including formal therapy, medications, and diagnoses)

If it falls under or close to any of the topics outlined above, we’ll want to pause and clarify to ensure that we can continue with your coaching

Why can’t you help me if my issue falls outside of scope?

It becomes a quality and liability issue.

We don’t train our coaches to handle situations outside of our scope, so we can’t guarantee the quality of the services offered. Plus, while many of our coaches come to us with incredible experience and credentials, we don’t require our coaches to obtain and maintain certifications or other proof of training and ability to handle cases where varying degrees of safety may come into question. With regard to legal proceedings, medical or mental health documentation, or other areas where risk assessment and liability are concerned, we know that we can’t safely assist. Essentially, if there is a possibility that your situation may contain elements that fall outside of our scope, we want to ensure that you receive the help you need and deserve. We also want to negate any and all risk for you as the client, our coaches, and the company as a whole in terms of liability. There are certain situations that would be better assisted by trained and specialized professionals, rather than coaches. Got it. So, to keep everyone safe, it’s best to ensure coaching is on topics you’ve trained and certified coaches to handle. What happens if something concerning comes up in session?

The safety, satisfaction and well-being of our clients is our absolute top priority. We have a standard procedure for when concerns arise. If at any point your coach notes something that may fall outside our scope, they may pause the session to allow time for review. We understand this can come across a bit abrupt, but want you to know this is completely routine! Our internal team of experts will review the situation at the earliest possible opportunity and pass on to your coach whether or not our services meet the needs of your situation. Often, we can continue to assist! Sometimes we require agreements signed and acknowledged to safeguard the purpose of coaching and the understanding of the client, but most often we can continue to move forward with your goals. Occasionally, we do come across situations that are concerning and require a prerequisite amount of time between occurrences- for example, certain waiting periods may be enforced to ensure that you as the client are in the optimal state of mind to receive and apply coaching and the concepts delivered therein. Finally, there are rare occurrences where a situation falls firmly outside of our scope. Most often this is determined during the session and reviewed by a qualified expert to ensure the deem has been made appropriately. Once the review is complete, the coach will get in touch and clarify what can and can’t be the focus of sessions moving forward. If you as the client agree to renegotiate your goal with regard to what is coachable, if applicable, sessions can continue. If we determine that your situation is fully out of scope and therefore we do not have the resources and knowledge to assist you, we will do our best to point you in the right direction by providing you with external resources who may better fit your needs. Should this occur, you are within your rights to request a refund. If you require further discussion or clarification on scope of services, our Client Satisfaction Manager is available via email at, or, for established clients, by requesting to be transferred to him directly. Simply tell your coach, or any Support team member - “I’d like to speak to Matthew, could you please transfer me?” And any messages from there on will be reviewed and responded to within 24-48 hours.

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