Client Conduct Policy

Despite the sometimes sensitive and emotionally charged nature of the issues and situations that may be discussed in session, we expect there to be a mutually respectful relationship between our coaches and our clients. As such, we have the following Client Conduct Policy in place.

Inappropriate Communication

Verbal abuse or sending explicit or inappropriate messages will not be tolerated. A coach may choose to end the session, refuse further coaching, or consider permanently banning the client from the service.

Session Attendance

We expect our clients to attend their sessions in a punctual manner. If you are unable to attend your session please be sure to cancel within the time period agreed with your coach. Late fees may be charged for non attendance or late cancellations.

Conduct During Video Sessions

When attending a video session it is expected that the client should be appropriately dressed and in a quiet and well lit location in order to preserve the integrity of the session. Both parties must have their cameras switched on if a video session is requested. A coach may end a session if a client appears undressed or in a location that is noisy or causes unnecessary distractions. Any inappropriate behavior during the session will result in the session being terminated and the client being permanently banned from the service.

Intoxication In Session

Coaching may be refused if you appear to be intoxicated during your session.

Driving While In Session

The client is expected to be in a safe place free from distractions while in session. For that reason a coach may end your session if you are driving while in session.

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