Tech Troubleshooting Guide

Zoom Troubleshooting

I don't have Zoom on my phone

On a mobile phone/tablet device, you need to download the free Zoom app:

On a computer/laptop, your web browser will automatically download Zoom when you click to join a meeting. You can also manually download it here.

I can't hear my coach

Zoom has a dropdown menu to select your audio output device (speaker, headphones, etc). Using "Default System Audio" usually works.

Make sure your system audio is working. Try playing a video on to see if you hear audio.

My coach can't hear me

Zoom has a dropdown menu to select your audio input device. It's usually a built-in microphone that your computer/phone comes with, or it's your headset/earphone microphone. Selecting "Default System" usually works.

My coach can't see me

You can toggle your own video on/off by clicking the button with a camera icon.

I got disconnected from my Zoom call with my coach

Click the Zoom link in your Relationship Hero chatroom, the same link you originally clicked to start your conference

Zoom isn't working, I give up

How about a regular phone call instead? Your coach is able to dial your phone number into the Zoom conference. So you can talk to your coach as if you're just taking a phone call.

The Relationship Hero mobile app

I don't have the Relationship Hero app

That's okay, you can always just go to and log into our website on any device, desktop or mobile.

Or you can download our apps here:

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