Relationship Hero Recording Policy

All Relationship Hero sessions (call, chat, and/or video) are recorded for quality assurance. Recording is a standard practice for companies who bear the responsibility for the quality and consistency of the service they provide, and also protects you, our client. Our management team reviews our coaches’ compliance with all company standards and policies. That's why we're able to guarantee you that all coaching provided is held to our highest standard of quality.

Consent to record is found in our Terms of Service, which require client acknowledgement at the time of signing up for services. Additionally, we cover the use, storage, and sharing of data in our privacy policy.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We design our processes and procedures to protect your privacy and confidentiality. Session recordings are only accessible to a small number of Relationship Hero employees, all of whom must sign a confidentiality agreement that closely protects all forms of client information. Session recordings may be viewed by your coach and our Coaching Quality management team who manages your coach. The members of this team are themselves certified coaches. Sessions are never shared with anyone else.

Data Security

Recordings are encrypted and stored securely within the Zoom Enterprise Cloud. They are accessible only to verified personnel, and never downloaded onto employees’ personal devices or equipment.


Below, you’ll find some frequently asked questions regarding this policy. If your question isn’t addressed or you have any further concerns, please don’t hesitate to connect to us at [email protected].

Where do the recordings get stored?

Recordings are stored in Zoom Enterprise Cloud, a secure system accessible only to verified personnel. The recordings are not shareable or downloaded to personal devices.

Can I opt out from being recorded?

While we like to be open to all suggestions made by clients, we also strive to promote a safe environment for both the coaching staff and all clients. We must balance transparency around policy with our commitment to confidentiality, and and therefore rarely make exceptions to recording at this time.

Can I get a copy/transcript of the recordings?

To ensure we maintain confidentiality and limit access to sensitive information, we very rarely provide recordings or transcripts of conversations with coaches, except for your Relationship Hero Chatroom, which contains a history of your text sessions. We are happy to discuss any need for revisiting session material or summaries provided at [email protected] to see how we can assist.

I don’t feel comfortable being recorded. What are my options?

We understand that having sessions recorded may raise some concerns. We also have full trust in our staff and coaches to allay most issues raised with regard to this. Please request to speak with someone in the Client Satisfaction department to feel assured and comfortable proceeding, or reach out directly to us at [email protected].

Why do you need to record the session?

We believe having a professional and safe environment facilitates the excellence we strive to offer in our coaching. Should a client feel they need to have a staff member review a session due to any discrepancy during coaching sessions, it is our responsibility to ensure a high level of quality to every client. Furthermore, we are committed to providing our coaches with a fair and objective assessment of their coaching.