Blockers & Pain Points

The thoughts you have that prevent you from achieving a desired goal when you imagine yourself going through a triggering event. These thoughts are created from your core issues and can trigger Pain Points.

Your pain point is the painful feeling you experience when you get stuck trying to achieve your goal.

Blockers can also be a form of a coping strategy to avoid or dampen the negative emotions associated with the triggering event.


  • "They are going to realize I'm not interesting"

  • "You want to reconnect with your ex and when you imagine yourself contacting them, you think "I'm going to push them away further"

  • "I'm afraid I've lost her because she started dating someone else"

  • "I don't want to contact her and make her feel pressured again"

  • "He'll retreat to his room and avoid any attempt at conversation"

  • " I’m not sure if that’s even possible considering all the issues she has and how I’ve reacted to them. I think there is a definite resentment by both of us. I lover her, but I’m not even sure if she loved me or was just using me. Even her friends don’t know."

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