What Relationship Hero Is Not

Not Just Telling You What You Want To Hear

We believe that the best way to feel better about your issues is to work on yourself and overcome them. While a coaching session is often a feel-good experience, it's ultimately about the progress you make in your life.

Not Psychics / Spell Casters

We don't claim to have any powers except research, training, empathy and a passion for improving the lives of our clients.

Not Oversimplified

We know that your situation is a unique and subtle combination of factors. Our job is to give you the nuanced advice that factors in your personal context. Our clients say we're good at it!‚Äč

Not Judgmental

Our clients have a wide range of goals. For example, you might want to move on and start dating again after a breakup, or you might prefer to do everything you can to save your relationship. We're experts at helping you get what you want out of your relationships, not telling you what you should want.

Not Therapy

If you're seeking help for mental health issues, like depression, anxiety or PTSD, please seek out a mental health care professional. To learn more about the differences between coaching and therapy go to this section.